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Breaking BATS!
Space suits you, Sir!
Space Station Infestation




Martian Manhunter has laser vision and Batman's Sensor Suit capabilities. Hit the Interaction Button in the back of the room to make a gold lock appear then fry it with his laser. Interact with the panel behind it and close the three circuits. Three statues in the room will rise.

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Use Martian Manhunter's Sensor Suit-like senses to uncover an orange plug on Wonder Woman's statue. Switch to Green Lantern and grapple the plug. A few bricks will tumble out. Interact with them to build a Green Lantern Pad. Interact with the pad and Green Lantern will fix the Superman statue with one of his ring's constructs.

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Now use the Spinner on Batman's statue to turn it around the right way. Success! Time for the level, proper!

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Head up the stairs and destroy the laser barrier with Batman's Power Suit missiles. Then blow up the silver boxes beyond and interact with the resulting bricks to build a Techno Terminal. Switch to Robin and interact with the terminal while wearing the Techno Suit to activate a crane. Switch to Batman and blow up the silver object on the crane's track. Either Robin or Batman can target and grapple the resulting orange plug to haul yourself up to the crane. Interact with the Techno Panel in the lower left to attach a piece of the Batrocket.

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Head downstairs and blow up the sliver crate that fell after the cockpit was attached to the Batrocket. Inside is the token for Batman's Sonar Suit. Use this suit to shatter glass objects like the ones conveniently nearby. Behind the glass is a Techno Hatch. Switch to Robin's Techno Suit and send a mini-Robin through the hatch. Navigate the toy Robin to the Techno Terminal and activate it to extend a bridge to Batman and Robin.

Across the bridge, interact with the other Techno Panel to unearth a Hazard Suit Machine. Pump 25 colorful pieces into it (found by smashing various objects around the area) to build a fan.

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Use Batman's Sensor Suit to sense an orange plug on the fan. Grapple it to start the fan and rid the updraft to the upper platform. Interact with the green wall to align the pipes behind it. Now jump up and grab the handle to fuel the Batrocket.

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Head to the right and use the Sensor Suit in front of the fuel tank. Oh look, it's made of glass! Switch to the Sonar Suit and shatter it. Switch to Robin, have him don the Hazard Suit and head into the fuel tank. Grapple the orange plug on the wall to create a way out and a platform in the fuel.

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Switch to Batman and send him through the fuel tank. Use Batman's Sensor Suit to detect a bunch of silver rocks and blow them up with the Power Suit. Switch to Robin, don the Illumination Suit, charge it up at the nearby terminal and illuminate the cave where the silver rocks were. Hop in the Moon Buggy and drive around until you find a digging spot. Interact with the digging spot and you'll get a notification that that was one of four. Find the other three and you'll unearth the token for Batman's Space Suit.

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Switch to Batman and collect the token. Use the Space Suit's laser to fry the nearby gold box. Interact with the resulting bricks to build a refueling machine. Gas up the suit and fly up to the top of the fuel tank (the one with the green goo at the bottom) and laser the gold hatch at the top to lower a ladder. Fly to the platform in the background and use the laser plus direction keys to cut a Bat-symbol shape out of the gold wall. Interact with the bricks that pop out to build a computer. Now switch to the Sensor Suit to reveal twirl pole sockets on the wall on the right.

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Switch to Robin (make sure he's in his standard outfit), target the twirl pole socket and fire! Use the twirl poles to reach the platform where Batman is. Change into the Techno Suit to interact with the computer and explore another VR space.

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Find three glowing green orbs in the VR space to crack the code. The first is in the bottom left corner of a simple maze. The area will change and you'll have to hop up a few platforms to reach the next orb. For the final orb, you'll have to run across an undulating area that dips into nothingness. Start your run right as the blocks reach their highest point (you don't want to hop uphill as you'll likely fall behind and die). Run and keep ahead of the wave to reach the third orb.

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That's it. Hop on the Batrocket and off you go!


Fly circles around the Watchtower, taking out waves of enemies as you go. You'll fight three waves. The number and type of enemies you have to destroy in each wave are noted at the top of the screen. To destroy the turrets (third wave), target them with missiles. You can pick up missiles from downed enemies.

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After the third wave, the Joker will attack in his ship. Shoot down enemy fighters to collect missiles and hit Joker with them. Four hits will do it.


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Use Batman's Space Suit laser to destroy the gold hatch and uncover the token for Cyborg's Magnet Suit. Using Cyborg's new suit, interact with the blue part of the section rotating around the Watchtower.

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Continue down the length of the Watchtower until you reach a force field. Switch to Cyborg's Demolition Suit and destroy the silver objects circling the Watchtower to deactivate the force field.

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A bit further down a rocket will slam into the Watchtower. Destroy the gold section with a laser and then interact with the resulting bricks to build a Flash Pad. Have Flash stand on the pad, hold the Interaction Button then run the cursor over the three highlighted areas. Let go of the button and Flash will build a cannon that will fire you into the Watchtower.


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Wander over to the left from the starting point and use Cyborg's Magnet Suit on the blue object to reveal a gold wall. Cut a hole in the wall with a laser and LEGO bricks will tumble out. Interact with them to build a refueling machine for Cyborg and Batman's Space Suits.

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Gas up Cyborg's Space Suit and fly up to the platform above. Switch to the Magnet Suit on the blue object to expose a button. Stomp the button and a gold object will appear elsewhere in the room. Outfit Batman in his Space Suit and destroy the gold object.

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Back to Cyborg. Don the Space Suit and fly to the right. Use his Magnet Suit on the blue object to unearth a Spinner. Push the Spinner to create stairs for Batman and Flash. Use Batman or Cyborg's Power Suit to destroy the nearby silver objects and interact with the resulting bricks to build a treadmill. Let Flash run on the treadmill and the hanger door will open, ending the stage.

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Free Play

Abilities required for Free Play:


Minikit 1

Use magnet power to open the three blue boxes around the Batcave. One is near where you start, one is on the roof of the large tank of green goo, and one is one the high platform behind and to the right of the rocket.

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Minikit 2

Pump 25 more colorful LEGO pieces into the Hazard Suit Machine for a Minikit.

Minikit 3

Destroy the gold box next to the Illumination Suit Charging Station with a laser then interact with the resulting bricks to build a Lantern Pad. Have a Lantern use it and a Minikit will appear above the rocket. Now all you have to do is fly over and collect it.

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Minikit 4

Smash the objects in front of the window that looks in on the moon buggy area to reveal a wall vent. When the vent becomes interactive (you'll have to have completed the Moon Buggy task), it's time to charge Robin's Illumination Suit. Now change him to Plastic Man and send him through the vent. Transform back to Robin and turn on the Illumination Suit. (If you're having trouble with this, try buying and activating the red brick for Unlimited Light.) Use projectile attacks to knock down the planets then interact with their bricks to build a phone booth. Punch the phone for a Minikit.

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Character Token 1 - Hawkgirl

Send Plastic Man through the vent near the twirl pole socket and collect the object behind the gold wall. Return it to Bat-Mite who is waiting near the area's starting point for a Character Token.

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Character Token 2 - Shazam

Step on the red blocks in the first VR level to produce a glowing box in the upper left corner. Interact with it to collect a character token.

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Minikit 5

During the third wave of attacks, fly around at the same height as the top of the smallest towers. Fly in circles until you find the minikit, which is floating in space around this height.


Minikit 6

Run around to the other side of the Watchtower and head towards the foreground to find a Minikit.

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Minikit 7

Destroy five jack-in-the-boxes.

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Adam West in Peril

Keep your eye out for a gold satellite. Zap it with a laser to rescue dear Adam.

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Minikit 8

Before using the canon to enter the Watchtower, run around to the other side and put out the small fire you find there. Destroy the objects that were on fire for a Minikit.

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Minikit 9

Destroy two presents tied to balloons, two LEGO Balls and one large LEGO present for a Minikit.

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Character Token 3 - Miss Martian

Destroy the rest of the gold wall with a laser to collect the character token.

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Minikit 10

Use Brainiac's shrink ray on the pipe on the upper level on the left side of the area. Use the Atom's ability to shrink (or enable the Mini Characters cheat) to enter the pipe. Punch the blockage inside to knock it out of the pipe. Punch the green cap at the end of the pipe to exit and interact with the bricks to build a Minikit.

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Red Brick

Pull the switch on the right side of the room and you'll be gifted a few bricks. Interact with them to build a Plastic Man pad. Have Plastic Man use the pad and he'll transform into a UFO and nab you a Red Brick.

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Red Brick

Studs x6 (3,000,000)

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