Pursuers in the Sewers
Breaking BATS!



The first order of business is to clear the wreckage blocking your way. Grapple up to the ledge in the back of the room and pull the lever to drain the water to reveal a few crates. Smash the crates then interact with the hopping LEGO bricks to build a Hazard Suit machine.

Switch to Robin and collect the token in front of the machine. Robin can now don the Hazard Suit. This will allow him to safely trudge through toxic waste and collect red, yellow and green LEGO pieces. Destroy the rest of the crates and carts in the area to unearth these colorful pieces and suck them up with the Hazard Suit's vacuum.

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When the counter on the back of the Hazard Suit reads 25, interact with the Hazard Suit machine to deposit the payload. This will create a cannon. Grapple the orange plug on the side of the cannon to clear the wreckage blocking your path.

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Beyond the wreckage you'll find the token for Batman's Sensor Suit. With it, Batman can turn invisible, find hidden objects, and peer through some walls to interact with the electronics behind them. Tap the Interact Button and Batman will sense an orange plug on a nearby wall. Grapple it to expose a green panel. Use the Sensor Suit to interact with the panel. You'll have limited x-ray vision to interact with the pipes on behind it. Arrange them so that the water can flow from left to right.

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Continue right until you reach the puddle of green toxic sludge. Switch to Robin and use his Hazard Suit to trudge across it. On the far side of the goop, target the four yellow valves on the wall with Robin's Batarang and give 'em a smack. Now destroy the two beams on either side. Smash everything until you see a bunch of hopping LEGO bricks. Interact with them to build an object that will lower a ladder for you.

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Climb the ladder and stand on the red button on the left. This will temporarily shut off the flame jet below. Quickly switch to Batman and move him past the flame jet. Switch back to Robin and stand on the red button on the right. Switch to Batman and have him run past the deactivated flame jet and climb the ladder.

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Run to the right until you reach the subway wreckage. Use Batman's Sensor Suit to sense the orange plug then grapple it to pull down the train. Hop across the trains and over to the platform on the far right. Smash the crate and interact with the bricks to build a tightrope so Robin can join you.

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Switch to Robin and his Hazard Suit and trudge across the toxic goo to pull the switch. The goo will wash away. Hop across the two hatches and grapple the orange plug to reveal a ladder. Climb the ladder and smash the objects until you find the hopping LEGO bricks. Interact with them to build an orange plug and grapple it to tear down the grate.

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Walk down the path to the central platform to start the battle with Killer Croc. Smash the objects on the platform and interact with the LEGO bricks to build another Hazard Suit Machine. Use the Sensor Suit on either side of the central platform to sense the buttons on each side. Switch to Robin and have him hit the button. Killer Croc will jump out of the trapdoor (if he doesn't, just loiter on the button until he does) and litter the area with colorful LEGO pieces. Vacuum them up with the hazard suit then hit the button on the other side to repeat the process.

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Fill the Hazard Suit Machine with 25 pieces to build another cannon. Mount the cannon and fire at Croc to end the level.

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Free Play

Abilities required for Free Play: Vacuum, Laser, Magnet, Flight, Mind Control, Plastic Pad, Swamp Pad, Ice, Explosives


Character Token - Croc Henchman

Jump off the ledge at the foreground and into the water below. Hop on the duck vehicle and drive it into the four smaller ducks. Destroy all four to earn the Character Token.

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Minikit 1

Keep on the lookout for more colorful LEGO pieces to vacuum up as you explore the rest of the area. When you have another 25, head back to the Hazard Suit machine and deposit them for a Minikit.

Minikit 2

Keep your eye open for 5 golden toilets. Destroy them all with a laser to earn a Minikit.

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Minikit 3

Destroy the gold portion of the pipe above the flame jets with a laser. Use a character with magnet power to turn the valve next to it then fly up and claim you Minikit.

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Minikit 4

Fly up to the area above the hatch platforms and use a character with mind control to make the guy behind the waterfall pull the switch. Head to the right to pick up your Minikit.

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Red Brick

Fly up to the ledge above Area 1's exit and you'll find a Plastic Man Pad. Use it to nab the Red Brick.

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Adam West in Peril

Have Solomon Grundy use the Swamp Spot near the exit of Area 1 and he'll unearth a tank of shark repellent. Jump on top of the tank to save Adam West.

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Character Token 2 - Bane

Use a character with ice power to freeze the puddle near the area's entrance into a Killer Croc sculpture. Melt it with a laser to get at the Character Token inside.

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Minikit 5

Fly up to the pipes on the left and destroy the silver plate with an explosive attack to find a Minikit.

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Minikit 6

Destroy the four gold canisters on the back wall with a laser to earn a Minikit.

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Minikit 7

You'll find a Minikit hiding in the pipes on the right side, in the bend behind the horizontal pipe. Use a flying character to reach it.

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Character Token 3 - Black Manta

Use a character with magnet powers to bend the blue pipes on the right side of the room. Inside is a secret room where you can find a few Minikits and other goodies.

Bat-Mite stands near the entrance to Killer Croc's boss fight area and he want a pair of pants which can be found in the free play room. They are found inside a dryer in the free play room which can be opened by a character with magnet powers.

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Minikit 8

Have Grundy use the Swamp Spot in the Free Play Room to dig up a silver container. Destroy it with an explosive attack and add another Minikit to your collection.

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Minikit 9

In the Free Play Room, cut a hole in the gold portion of the wall on the left with a laser and be rewarded with a few Studs and a Minikit.

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Minikit 10

Use a character with magnet powers to guide the ball through the maze on the right side of the Free Play Room. Step on the buttons on the floor to unblock its path. When it reaches the end, you'll be rewarded with anther Minikit.

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Red Brick

Studs x2 (1,000,000)

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