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Big Trouble in Little Gotham




Follow the trail of ghostly studs to the big blue ball computer in the Control Room. This is where you'll go to select which mission you want to play in Story Mode or revisit in Free Play.

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Move the cursor around the globe until you find the icon that's lit up. That's the next level. Let's go!



Beat up the bad guys then smash the enlarged souvenir stand in front of the Eiffel Tower. Run underneath to the river where the bridge will be taken out by an enlarged boat. Bummer that, right?

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Switch to Superman and laser the gold bits on the nearby truck. Inside is a token for Batman's Scuba Suit. Don the new suit, jump in the water and target the bridge supports. This will lower the bridge into the water, creating a ramp Batman can use to get out of the river.

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Once you've defeated the enemies in the area, use Batman's Power Suit to destroy the silver truck on the right. Proceed down the street until Brainiac blocks your path and attacks you with more goons. Beat them up then use Batman's Sensor Suit to find an orange plug on the sign blocking the path. Grapple it to remove it and continue on your way.

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Defeat 20 enemies in the next area and it's time for a new location!


Don Batman's Scuba Suit, hop in the water and work your way over to the right. Grapple the orange plug on the bridge and Batman will pull down a section allowing him to hop out of the water.

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Brainiac will enlarge a bus and drop it in your path. Use Batman's Sensor Suit to detect a gold strip on the bus then fry it with Superman's laser or Batman's Space Suit to remove the obstacle.

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Further down the street. Brainiac will drop an enlarge phone booth in front of you. Shatter the glass door with Batman's Sonar Suit then interact with the resulting bricks to build an Electricity Terminal. Use Batman's Electricity Suit to drain the power then switch to the Sensor Suit to detect an orange plug on the phone booth. Grapple the plug to unblock the path.

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Work your way around to the river, switch to Superman and fly over the green goo polluting the water. Laser the three gold pieces on the bridge to create platforms for Batman to use as stepping stones.

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Proceed to the electrified fence and smash the objects near it. Interact with the hopping bricks to build an Electricity Terminal. Switch to Batman's Electricity Suit to drain the charge and open the gate.

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Defeat a bunch of Brainiac's goons and you'll relocate to yet another city.


Brainiac boss fight time! Find a save point here. Beat up Brainiac's minions until he tosses an object at you. Interact with the resulting bricks to build a dish-like object. Stand behind it and Brainiac's shrink ray will bounce off the object and shrink his ship instead. Hit it with a ranged attack.

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Beat up more baddies and Brainiac will eventually toss another object at you. Build another dish out of the hopping bricks and then grapple the orange plug on the side to aim it at Brainiac's ship. Lure Brainiac into firing at the dish and smack him after he once again shrinks himself.

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Same deal. Defeat baddies until the bricks for another dish show up. This time you'll need to use a Spinner to angle the dish. Smack Brainiac after he shrinks himself a third time and the day is saved! Well, until the next level anyway.

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Free Play


Minikit 1

Use magnet power on the four blue latches on the ground and a stage will rise. Pull on the cords on either side to open the curtains to get at the Minikit inside.

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Minikit 2

See the ducks in the fountain? Each has an orange plug on its back. Grapple all of them for a Minikit, which will appear just in front of the fountain.

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Minikit 3

Dig in the dirt piles to unearth the bricks needed to build an Electrical Terminal. Zap it with an electricity character like Shazam to receive your Minikit.

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Minikit 4

Grapple the orange plugs on five awnings. Two are on the path right after the silver truck. One is in the area where the sign blocks your path. One is on the street just past the sign and one is in the back of the Arc de Triomphe plaza.

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Character Token 1 - Cheshire

Dig up the five dirt mounds surrounding the Arc de Triomphe. From each you will unearth a little cannon. Grapple the orange plug on the back of each to earn a Character Token.

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Minikit 5

Have Solomon Grundy use the Swamp Spot to dig up a lawn mower. The mower will reveal a mound of dirt. Use a character that can dig to unearth a Minikit.

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Character Token 2 - Lobo

Use Brainiac's shrink ray on the wrecking ball to the right of the bridge and you'll nab a Character Token.

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Minikit 6

Use a flying character or projectile attack to smash the billboard on top of the building to the left of the giant phone booth and build with the resulting bricks to earn a Minikit.

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Red Brick

Just past the giant phone booth, use a laser to destroy the gold panel on the building in the back right. Interact with the resulting bricks to build a Plastic Man Pad. Have Plastic Man use the pad and he'll transform in to a firetruck, put out the fire and nab you your Red Brick.

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Adam West in Peril

Once you reach the river, head left to find a Techno Terminal. Use a tech character to interact with the terminal then click on each of the three ships on the monitor to save Adam West.

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Minikit 7

Destroy the garden on the other side of the electric fence until you find a small hole in the ground. Send The Atom underground and explore the paths until you find the Minikit.

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Minikit 8

Laser five gold flagpoles waving Italian flags, found all around this area.

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Minikit 9

Fire Brainiac's shrink ray at the sparkling black box in the back left of the area to enlarge it. Interact with the bricks inside to nab anther Minikit.

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Minikit 10

Send Plastic Man or Martian Manhunter through the vent behind the cathedral to access the greenhouse on the right. There's a Minikit inside. Smash any plants in the way of your prize!

F7-21 - LB3.jpg

Character Token 3 - Manchester Black

Use the Techno Terminal on the right side of the area. Click the buttons until all three lights on the Leaning Tower of Piza are yellow and you'll be rewarded with the item Bat-Mite desires. He awaits you in the foreground on the left side of the area.

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Red Brick

Gold Brick Detector (200,000)

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